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Tona Pop 2.0

$580.00 USD

Tona Pop 2.0 - Board Only

Size: 133 x 40.5 / 138 x 41.5 / 142 x 42.7

The Pop was Tona’s debut board which we developed with our fellow riders in mind and is Jake’s favorite from our lineup. At the time of its conception, there was a big demand for something that had great pop off the water, went upwind well and also had good traction when riding finless. After several rounds of testing prototypes with different channel designs we came up with something that was very unique and innovative, and people have been stoked with it ever since. True to the original design, the new Pop from our Revival Series has the same great shape and tough construction, with some rad new skins to catch eyes on the water. A proven design that will take you to the next level.