Learn to Kiteboard

Learn to Kiteboard

If you are seeking a new, active and fun adventure for your holiday here in Puerto Rico, kiteboarding is definitely for you! The sport doesn’t require a lot of body strength and it’s accessible for anyone who knows how to swim and wants to have a ton of fun.

Our internationally certified instructors follow the rules of IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and will walk you through a step-by-step course so you can become an independent kiteboarder in a matter of days.

We offer kiteboarding lessons for all levels. All lessons are private with certified instructors. Our lessons consist of three hours per day and include all equipment. Whether you are a beginner or advanced the instructor will cater to your level as needed. Our goal is to make you 100% independent and ready to purchase gear to kite on your own.

What to expect when visiting Kite Puerto Rico

Kite Puerto Rico is the only kiteboarding center in Puerto Rico with a full-service facility accessible to the public for lessons and riding.

Our instructors follow Kite Puerto Rico teaching standards set by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). All of us have a true passion for the sport and know all our clients will leave representing Kite Puerto Rico. We put a heavy emphasis on safety and fun!

We welcome guests to relax and stay with us at our newly remodeled and adjoining hotel Numero Uno Beach House or enjoy fresh food and cocktails at our on-site restaurant Numero Uno Beach Bar.

Whether you are learning with us, kiting with us, or wanting to bring the family to hang on the beach and watch the kite surfers. You will be more than comfortable at Kite Puerto Rico.

Guidelines for our Beginner Course

Lesson 1

3 hours – DISCOVERY (aka. The baby bird)

  • Learn about the wind, gear setup and basic safety
  • Fly a kite for the first time (woohoo) with your instructor and get the hang of basic navigation on land
  • Learn how to launch and land your kite with the assistance of a
  • fellow kiter
  • Have full control of your kite with two hands and with one hand
  • Activate your safety system and self-rescue

Lesson 2

3 hours – INTERMEDIATE (aka. Like fish in the sea)

  • Learn to control your kite on the water
  • Different body dragging methods that will teach you how to get
  • back safely to shore or recover your board
  • Create power with your kite ( watch out, addiction alert!)
  • Body drag with your board
  • First water start

Lesson 3

3 hours – INDEPENDENT (aka. The wind chaser)

  • Practice water start on both sides
  • Control riding speed by edging
  • Controlled stops

Lesson 4

3 hours - ADVANCED (aka. Freedom)

  • Practice Riding in all direction including upwind
  • Changing directions without stopping

Purchase your gear and start your adventure as a freedom kiter!

*The timeline for the above beginner course is an estimate. It will depend on your personal and unique skill set for exactly how long it will take to become an independent kiter. We typically gauge 9-12 hours as an average time investment to become an independent rider.

Mini FAQ

    1. I don’t have enough time for the full course?

Complete any level and we will certify you so you can continue to pursue kiting the next time you have an opportunity. You will be able to continue from the level you have left off.

    1. What if I've done this before?

That is fantastic news. We would be happy to continue your course. After a quick evaluation of your skillset to ensure nothing essential is missing or has been forgotten we will have you back in the kiteboarding game in no time!
Book your 2-hour refresher course.

For more facts and details about kiteboarding visit our FAQ’s.