Our Story

It all started with a very simple and powerful idea: Feel inspired and live your dream!

Going on a few kite adventures we came to realize that the kind of kite related beach club that we are searching for does not exist in the form we have dreamed up. So what’s next? We would just have to build our own!

kiteboarding instructor on beach with dog

Kite Puerto Rico was born out of a dream that any kiter would have. A dream of having the best spot; our spot – to kite, to hang out, and chit-chat endlessly into the sunset over lemonades or Aperol spritzers. Not just a spot for kiters but the ultimate kite destination. A place that will allow you to enjoy the kiting vacation you have envisioned without cutting back on the fun of everyone who is traveling with you. This is a spot for you, your family, and your friends!

damian maldonado kiteboarding in puerto rico

Our aim is to show you that kiteboarding is not only a ton of fun but also a lifestyle. This sport inspires many of us to keep connecting with each other, with nature, and to enjoy life to the fullest. If you turn to the right school Kiteboarding is a safe and relatively easy sport to learn. We have been teaching kiteboarding since 2010 in the Caribbean and prior to that all over the world. Our safety standards and internationally approved teaching method (IKO) will give you a great experience and bring a tremendous amount of fun into your active Caribbean holiday.

dylan schewfelt kiteboarding in san juan

Are you ready to live the dream with Kite Puerto Rico? Join us during your stay in Puerto Rico and leave home as a certified kiter.