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Mystic Click bar 5.0

$69.99 USD

Mystic 2020 Clickerbar 5.0 Multi Spreader Bar

Mystic brings the Clickerbar 5.0 to the 2020 season, get the right fit, set it and forget it.  Clickerbar allows you to pinch/press two buttons to release the spreader bar so you never have to readjust. 

Clickerbar 5.0 Kite Hook Spreader Bar

XSmall | Small/Medium | Large/XLarge


  • Multi hook Kite Hook

  • Clickerbar 5.0

  • Low Torque

  • Comfort Foam Padding

  • No Rotate Stealth Wings

  • Classic spreader bar performance

  • 2 or 4  point fixation option

  • Intergrated Leash eye

  • Made of chromed stainless steel