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Tona JoyRide

$599.00 USD

Tona JoyRide Complete with Foot Straps and Pads.

Size: 133 x 39 / 136 x 40.5 / 139 x 43 / 145 x 44.5

In the Caribbean it is common and even encouraged, to leave your house and go wandering for no reason other than to get outside, interact with people and enjoy nature. To go for a “joy ride” is typical of a weekend activity, where you drive around until you find a beach or a favorite place to relax and enjoy the outdoors or make an impromptu visit to a friend’s home.

We kept this in mind when designing the Joy Ride. A board for everyone, its easy to ride and fun for cruising around, exploring or just enjoying being out on the water. There’s nothing better for the soul.

The Joy Ride comes complete with Tonas comfy foot strap bindings, the Slippas, fiberglass fins and a grab handle.