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North Comp 2023

$1,349.00 USD

North Comp 2023 Surfboard

The Comp Dynalite is engineered for a single purpose: strapless freestyle performance. Faster feedback. Explosive pop. Ultra-thin, durable, and responsive, the Comp has a refined low-volume shape to help you execute the most impressive freestyle tricks in every condition. Compact in size and easily grabbable, it will stay with you through every manoeuvre. Edge harder. Jump higher. Land cleaner. Its fast-release tail channels aid grip and add control. The full-length longitudinal bottom channel with centreline-V and smooth, progressive rocker combine to reduce bounce on hard, fast landings. Push beyond your limits with the Comp. When we tell ourselves we can, that’s when we’re truly free

INCLUDES: Board with EVA Deckpad


  • DynaLite Technology
  • Lightweight low-volume shape
  • Full-length bottom channel
  • Quad tail channels
  • Deeper recessed deck shape
  • Smooth, tight turns