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Summer Camp 2022 Kite Puerto Rico

This year Kite Puerto Rico will be hosting The ultimate watersports Summer Camp! This 5 day camp will be ranged at youngsters from 9-14 years old. 


Week 1: June 20th-24th Mon to Friday 9AM-2PM

Week 2: July 4th-8th Mon-Friday 9AM-2PM

Week 3: July 25th-29th Mon-Friday 9AM-2PM

Week 4: August 8th-12th Mon-Friday 9AM-2PM

Price per week: $1,435 plus tax, per person.

Requirements: must be able to swim and feel comfortable in the water. 

What will we be doing?

We wanted to create the Ultimate watersports week! We have a pile of activities and experiences lined up for the kids! The ratio will be three kids to one instructor, along with a head coach watching over all groups.

Day 1: Kiteboarding Day! We will kick off the week with a meet and greet, introducing the coaches and the students and beginning with an intro to wind theory and understanding how to sail ( all wind sports are sailing sports) next, we will jump straight into kite flying! We will start with the basics of set up, safety and flying, and get into the water to experience the body drag! On day one we will finish up with some tandem riding with the coaches, a thrill for everyone! Each day we will start to wind down with learning how to  pack up, get some stretching in, and head for lunch.

 Each day following lunch we will talk about what we learned collectively as a whole group.

Day 2: WingSurfing Day! We will take the same wind theory we learned on day one and shift gears; learning how to handle the hand held wing. We will begin to learn the basics of wing flight, how to recover the wing, and how to use the wing as a life raft. We will take the wings and stand up paddle boards and learn how to sail. This is action packed and super fun learning how to navigate on the water with the wing.

Day 3: Efoil Hydrofoil! We will load everyone in our Sprinter Van and head to Numero Uno Pinones! First we will go over the basics of hydrofoiling and learn how to handle the boards on and off the water. Next we will take everyone out into the lagoon on our boats and go over how to ride on the belly, kneel and eventually stand up. This is extremely fun and a feeling that is out of this world!   We will also be doing some tandem rides with the students to make sure they all get to foil!  Once we arrive back to dock, we will have a water safety training in the pool learning how to identify and help someone in need, as well as some basic but crucial CPR and life saving skills. 

Day 4: Wing Surfing/foiling!  On this day we will take what we learned from day 2 and 3 of winging and foiling, we will combine these skills and take the wings to the water again.

Day 5: Water sports day! We will take everyone to Numero uno Pinones and go for tube rides, hobbiecat Sailing and wakeboarding/waterskiing. With a chill afternoon at the pool loaded with these activities will be a great way to wind down the week with pure fun!

What does it include: 

The camps include 5 hours of daily coaching, for 5 days and all equipment included.

  • Monday-Friday, Drop off 9AM-2PM Pick up at Numero Uno Beach House
  • Cooked Lunch Daily with Vegetarian options available.
  • 3 kids to 1 coach max
  • Kite Puerto Rico SPF long sleeve hooded water shirt
  • Cooked Lunch Daily with Vegetarian options available.
  • Watercraft on site for safety
  • Special gift on day 3
  • IKO kite certification for learning basic kite skills level 1


What we expect:

We want this to be an unforgettable experience, not only for the week the kids are with us, but for years to come. Giving them a taste of what watersports has to offer mentally and physically. Our goal is to get them excited about kiting or winging. We know for a fact that watersports creates good habits, responsibility, good values and lasting friendships.

Email us to reserve your spot:

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