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Private Wing Foil progression lesson

$395.00 USD

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What to learn how to Wing Foil? 

Have you already taken our private beginner Wing lesson? 

This foil wing lesson has been set up to optimize and safely progress you to learn the hydrofoil with us on the easiest fastest way to learn the hydrofoil with our electric Hydofoil, the Efoil!

This Lesson includes 1 hour on the water with the Efoil learning the basics of foiling without the wind, waves and wing. We use 2 Efoils, one for you and one for the instructor, we use radio helmets to make progression and communication clear. 

After the 1 hour learning the foil we will take you through the technique, and steps to get on the Foil with the wing and get small rides in. 

We have all the gear and expertise to make this a fun, easy, safe experience.

We have all the tools and toys to get you out on your own, once you have figured out the wing, buy your own with us. 

  • Know how to swim/ be comfortable in the water.